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Christ for India

is concerned not only with the spiritual needs of the people of India, but their physical needs as well. Many humanitarian ministries are used to help alleviate the sufferings of the poor and destitute in order to break the poverty cycle while at the same time exposing them to the Word of God.

Children’s Home

The New Life Children’s Home for boys and girls is comprised of three hostels built in 1986, 1989, and 2007. These hostels accommodate more than 400 resident children, house parents, and child helpers.

Many children on campus need sponsors. Would you consider sponsoring a child? Your gift will provide lodging, meals, healthcare, and education for a child in the New Life Childern’s Home.

In 1990, a 400 seat dining hall, kitchen, and storeroom were built. By God’s grace, our dedicated catering team provides nutritious meals for the students, children, and campus faculty every day. Would you consider helping provide food for the children?

COTR has buses used for bringing children to school from the surrounding villages and for ministry outreaches.

Medical Ministry

Jyothi Hospital was built in 1990 with the aim of serving all those on the CHRIST FOR INDIA campus as well as the poor villagers neighboring the campus. In 1998 the facility became a full-fledged 30 bed general hospital with all facilities.

Remote Medical Camps are set up in local villages at least twice a month. A medical team consisting of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and helper provide free first aid and consultation to the poor and needy. If a medical case cannot be treated at the remote location, patients are referred to the Joythi Hospital where they receive free treatment. Medical staff are able not only to attend to the physical needs of patients, but also to their spiritual needs.

New Life Relief and Welfare Society

In 1991, New Life Relief and Welfare Society was established to help the poor and widows by distributing clothing, providing food, and giving cash to those who are needy or unable to work due to physical handicaps. In addition, assistance is given to the needy during natural disasters.

Vocational Education

A high school graduate without vocational skills in India will often end up on the streets, destitute. COTR Women’s Vocational College provides underprivileged women with one year’s training in computers with job placement. Without this training these women would face an uncertain life. Training in other vocational skills such as sewing, machine repair, plumbing, and electrical repair are also offered on campus.

Women’s Vocational College

The Women’s Vocational College was started in 1995 to enable economically underprivileged young women to gain computer, office, and sewing skills. This enables them to gain employment. Provide the opportunity for a destitute woman to learn a vocation and break the poverty cycle. Your gift will provide lodging, meals, and technical training for an underprivileged woman.

Sponsor a Woman in the Vocational College